Naturecraft Custom Homes, Fort Collins, CO

"Thanks for your help with the Maguire project! Your flexibility with your schedule and the design onsite you brought to the project was perfect! As a builder I appreciate the way you work with existing budgets and suppliers to achieve my clients goals and vision. I look forward to working with you on the next project!"


Barbara A., Estes Park, CO

"Arlene provided us with design and decorating services on two occasions; an addition to, and later, renovation of a room in our Estes Park mountain home.  Our goal was to create new spaces that related well to the existing home. Arlene was quite creative in her choices of design, materials and furnishings to blend the new with the old and successfully accomplished our goal.  We continue to be quite happy with the results."


Sandy A., Manassas, Virginia

"Arlene helped us design, declutter and get organized. Our house is small and we had to make the best of every inch. She helped us design a new kitchen, a new living space and redecorate our teen's bedroom. It's all very functional and beautiful and we are so very grateful! "


Jolie D., Fort Collins, CO

"I am so happy to write this sincere raving referral for Arlene Samuelson and AMS Interiors.  Arlene is a master of planning space, and of color. We have hired her numerous times over the last 10 years both to help us decorate and manage small spaces in our Old Town Fort Collins Property, and for a massive addition involving a kitchen remodel in our current farm house, etc.  In every instance that we hire Arlene, my stress level decreases as I am 100% confident that no details will be missed and that the outcome will be perfectly functional and beautiful.  I will not even redecorate a child's room without consulting Arlene because I know she will expand the possibilities, find creative solutions, and help me save money on the project.  Most importantly, I am confident I will adore the outcome and she is lovely to work with." 

Kitchen designed by AMS Interiors

Carol M., Fort Collins, CO

"Arlene Samuelson was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has a keen aesthetic sense and creativity that always respected and enhanced our preferences. She has a good sense of people and relates well to all different types of personalities especially while working closely with many different trades.   Building a brand new house seemed like an exciting adventure yet a daunting task, with many critical decisions to be made, however,  Arlene was hired during a difficult transition period from a previous designer and she made the process enjoyable while keeping our budget and time line in mind.  She was always conscientious of her time and extremely professional.  Arlene has the gift of visualizing the project complete and helped us turn our dream into a reality.  We would not hesitate to recommend Arlene as an extremely reliable and talented designer!"

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“Thank you for your incredible talent, I’m so grateful we found you!” I. Kelly

“Arlene, I thank you for all the help and talent you have given me over the past several months. Don't know what I would have done without you.” E. Wilson